Resurrection Lutheran Church
Missouri Synod
"A Caring Christian Church Experiencing the Love of Jesus"
Pastor Patrick O'Neal
Franklin, N.C.


Resurrection Lutheran Church History

 4.28.78    RLC accepted into the Synodical membership.                 .

 2.20.79    Contract to purchase present church site and St. Francis Catholic buildings.

11.4.79     Pastor Paul Kibler ordained and installed.

 1.10.82    First worship service on the present site.

June 82    Pastor Kibler installed as full-time  pastor.

Oct  83      Rev. Howard Schoenfeldt served as vacancy pastor.

 7.29.84    Rev. James Stoltenberg installed as RLC’s 2nd pastor.

 9.11.85    First mid-week school opens.

10.12.86   Voters approved building present facility.

1987/88    Carenet founded in a cooperative effort between Pastor Stoltenberg and local churches.

Nov  89    Old church demolished and construction begun on present church.  During construction
                Sunday Worship 
services were held across the street at St. Francis Catholic Church.  

 6.23.91   Service of Dedication of present church building. 
                Rev. Richard Hintz, SED President gave message.

 1992       Rev. Lee Steffen became Interim Pastor until 1994.
                Rev. Schoech served as Interim Pastor for a short time.

Sep 94     Rev. Gary Brown installed as RLC’s 3rd pastor.

2008-09   Rev. Lee Steffen, Rev. Dr. James Roseman, and Rev. David Ludwig 
                served as vacancy pastors.

10.4.09        Rev. Dr. John Brunner installed as RLC’s 4th pastor.                                                   Pastor Brunner continues as Pastor Emeritus.

7.15.17 Rev. Patrick O'Neal installed as RLC's 5th pastor.

Great Beginnings Pre-school

The first pre-school at RLC was begun by Marlene Kibler in the basement of the old church and Judy Stoltenberg founded the first Great Beginnings Lutheran Pre-School, wholly owned and operated by RLC.  In 1993 a board of directors made up of RLC members was established for the pre-school, and in 1994 the school expanded to 5 days a week.  In 1995 it expanded to include full-time care.

The school continues to grow under the leadership of its Director, Betsy Shepherd.  It currently maintains enhanced standards with a 5 star rating as defined by NC’s Star Rated Program. 

RLC Leadership Committee

President: (Tim Johnson) is the chief officer of the Congregation and shall uphold the Constitution and Bylaws of the congregation and implement the policies and resolutions of the Voters Assembly.  

Vice-President: (Eileen Benson) performs the duties of the President’s office in the event of absence or disability of the President.  VP is Chair of Personnel Committee.

Treasurer: (Barbara Roberts) responsible for all fiscal matters and the records pertaining to the receipts and disbursements of the congregation.                                                                                   

Secretary: (Ginny Bryer) record the proceedings of the Leadership Team,Voters Assembly and congregational meetings.                    

Financial Secretary: (Gail Harris) responsible for receipt and deposit and recording of all monies of the congregation.             

Trustees: (Marty Childers) has charge of all congregational property and manage it.                         

Spiritual Life Coordinator: (Charlotte Childers) responsible together with the Pastor and Elders for all aspects of the Spiritual Life of the congregation – outreach and stewardship.                             

Nurture Coordinator: (Casey Stewart) responsible for all Christian Nurture in the Congregation - youth and children’s Sunday School.                                                                                   

Board of Elders: (Ray Hahn) assist the Pastor in all matters pertaining to the spiritual welfare and Shepherd ministry of the congregation.                                                                                     

Preschool Board(Monique Sutton) operate the Preschool in accordance with the Regulations of the State of NC, the Voters Assembly, and Constitution and Bylaws of this congregation.

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